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The greatest gift we can offer is Education. Progress begins when we engage with education. 


For so many years our traditional educational systems have taught people using the same, passive techniques designed to fill the learner with data. The true nature of Education is to draw out curiosity and interest from people and help them live a more successful life.

I am a passionate student of Education and I believe all teaching and learning should be relevant, meaningful and energising. The classes, programs and events I share are aimed at trainers, educators and anyone wishing to teach and present. My intention is to help and empower people with the skills, methods and passion to create the most effective and inspiring learning for your students and teams.

To create an environment that will Enrol, Engage, and Educate.

Chris’ class really opened my mind to new ways of teaching and presenting. I wish there were more courses like this.

Sophia Hilton
Not Another Salon and Academy
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