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Are you a training organisation or group looking for new input, ideas and inspirations for training and communication? 

A salon group looking to create more interaction and energy in meetings and events?

Enrol your listeners or audience into your information, Engage them with your content and Educate them in a lasting and meaningful way.

In these seminars I can help you generate new thinking and a new approach to how you and your team communicate, connect and deliver to learners, clients and colleagues. For over 25 years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with salons, colleges, global brands and eduction groups all over the world.

I’ve been able to develop and share different methods and new approaches to delivering education and communication that have led to a more engaged and dynamic learning environment, energised educators and presenters and ultimately increased the effectiveness of teaching and learning through the group.

These seminars can be tailored to your needs from a few hours to a full day. Informal, effective and flexible it’s the ideal way to boost to your team.



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Have you ever been in a training session or presentation and time seems to slow down? 

You struggle to keep up with the information because you are wondering how and why it’s relevant to you? Learners can feel this way too.

Most training focuses on the content being taught rather than the delivery of that content, or how the content is processed by the learner.

Discover how to Enrol your learners so they buy in straight away. Engage your attendees so they stay interested and interactive and ultimately Educate them with lasting and meaningful impact. I’ve delivered hundreds  of interactive workshops for global brands, salons, training colleges and groups throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

In these workshops we explore and discover how we can break down the barriers to learning and create an interactive, energised and engaged learning experience. We discover the tools and methods to help you create dynamic and accelerated learning, while creating a really enjoyable experience for you and your learners



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My partners and I have been teaching classes online for the last 5 years. In recent months the demand and opportunities for teaching online have massively increased.

Over recent months we’ve helped and connected with over 6000 trainers and educators online in our remote classes.

We can show you how to take your teaching and presenting online. How you can you create the same level of engagement and interaction while presenting to a computer screen. Teaching online is a very different approach to real life class room training. How do you Enrol your audience when they’re not in the same room, how you can Engage with them through a screen, and how you can still Educate in an effective and lasting way.

We can share with you the methods and techniques you need to incorporate in order to create and deliver amazing online, remote learning.


If you would like information on our weekly online mentoring and coaching group, helping artists and educators develop their teaching and presenting skills online and in real life contact me about our GPS Coaching Group.

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