Many classes and sessions can now be delivered remotely online. It’s expected that online education I set to rise by over 70% in the next 12 months. Now is the perfect time to prepare you and your team for this new reality of online teaching and learning.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss opportunities for us to work together.

LLPD Online Educator Training

February and March

A series of live workshops introducing online Accelerated Learning methods

Redken/Matrix online artists training

March and April

A series of live workshops developing online training methods

Coach Chris Digital Trainers Masterclass

26th June

Spend an in depth live coaching session with Chris Moody and Chris Baran developing your online facilitation skills for webinar based education and remote hands on classes. Upgrade to include a Zoom tech session and VIP “Ask Us Anything” with Chris & Chris

RAC USA Educator event

13th &14th Sept

A two day online programme to prepare educators to teach and coach in remote online classes

Matrix Education Connection

8th and 9th November

A two day interactive, online programme to prepare educators to present and demonstrate online

Redken UK Train the Trainer

23rd February 2021

Online class to help new and experienced trainers teach in classrooms and online.
This class is available through

Embracing Digital

March 7th 2021

An online class helping educators embrace and thrive in the digital classroom. Available through Redken USA at

Chris Camp (Live Online) facilitator program

23rd to 25th May 2021

Join Chris Moody and Chris Baran for a two day online global event, live, interactive, empowering. Facilitation and presentation skills for the future